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Something New

Wow, that was actually really interesting! Intense music and scenario; generally, the timing was well-utilized. The graphics aren't the best I've seen, but your eye for composition is excellent. The ending is just a bit too blunt for my taste--it definitely leaves a lot of room for interpretation, but I feel a need for some bit of closure. I'd personally love if you'd expand on this idea one day!

Very Cute.

The story was actually pretty endearing! I could tell you spent some time on this. I'm sure your mom loved it.

As you continue to make Flash movies, I'd suggest adding a little more emotion to the vocals--cartoons, especially with a silly premise such as this, can benefit from a little over-acting. Don't underestimate the aesthetic value of backgrounds, either. Unless it's pertinent to the story/location, anything is better than a plain white background.

Anyways, cute overall. Definitely fulfilled your purpose, I hope? Keep making movies!

Should've Saved for Later

I think there's some potential in this. Did you have a deadline? If not, I think you should have toyed with it more. Some parts of the animation, such as the flip, weren't half-bad. If you flesh out some more-detailed character designs over the bones, and add some unique bits to separate this from other typical "random fight scene" Flashes, this could be good!

Keep in mind that quality is better than quantity. If you can't work on it any more but it's not finished, set it aside. You might have new ideas and inspiration later!

(BTW, the NG Preloaders can take care of your "right click > Play" issue in a snap.)

kaos83 responds:


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Suficiente para NG?

Definitivamente, es lindo--los graficos son mejores que la mayoria de los juegos de este tipo aqui, pero no estoy seguro si es el mejor para Newgrounds. Si estan unas ninas en este sitio (...??? jajaja), ellas va a encantar. Bien hecho, en mi opinion, pero en los opiniones de otros...? No se.

(Lo siento para mi espanol malo, jaja.)

heglys responds:

(I don't know how to reply in spanish, but I understood the message)

Thank you, I know it's too "girly" and for liitle childrens game, but I like to publish here, as I saw other dress up games here too.

Very cute little game

Not too bad, really. The graphics are so adorable! :D My only suggestion would be to fix the glitches, instead of just mentioning them in the instructions and hoping the player will avoid it. *~* If you accidentally, say, put a "bowl of raw eggs" onto the frying pan, that ingredient is lost forever in the current game, basically messing up many future sandwiches...but other than that, this is a very cute, simple game.

Pretty Cool

It was a neat game with a refreshing, though not nearly complicated enough plot. The graphics of the girls are wonderful as well (especially the vampire). Also, the ending battle wasn't hard! I'm not sure what some of these reviewers are talking about, but defeating Satan was like a walk in the park. :] Anyways. Good game...maybe a sequel with a thicker storyline would do even better!

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Awesome, but...

This is a great song!! So upbeat! I totally agree with JamsCo about it being a sure fit for Dance. But when you download it, there're like 10 seconds of no sound at the end. Was that intentional? :o

AnSpal1202 responds:

I have no clue why it does that, it did that to 1 of my other songs 2, its the FL Im using probly, its probly just an error in my software =/. It wasnt intentional

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Very Close!

Hey there, thanks for commenting on my drawing of Azusa! I'll do my best to help you out. Here we go...

- Poses are cute and lively.
- Characters have unique designs, even if you were directly influenced by Vocaloid.
- Crown and star motifs are generally well-placed, though I think an arch like this:
(_\ | /_) <--- would be better.
- Colors are bright and vivid to match the tone of the image.

- Lineart. Your lines are quite wobbly from up-close. Mine are, too--the trick is to draw it big, like you did, and scale it down to a more manageable size. The lines will clean themselves up.
- It's really hard to incorporate all the colors nicely. It can look mismatched. It's definitely NOT "crappy," though. Just try to limit your color palette and study the color wheel.
- Clutter. I really like the crown and stars, but the green circles and the wing in the background seem out-of-place. Be careful not to mistake clutter for detail.

Overall, this is very cute, fun piece. I definitely get an electric vibe. ^^ Please keep drawing and posting on NG! I'm no expert, but I'd be happy to continue helping you.

Flying-pen responds:

Thanks a bunch for the tips! And for the comment to. I've been fearing that I wouldn't be noticed anymore, so I kept on announcing in my comment, thought I think the FAQ said I shouldn't, so I feel bad for doing it. But frustrated as well, becouse nothing happens. :(
That's why keep advetising. But guys like you make my heart cheer up, when you comment tips this good. ^v^

One of My New Favorite Artists

I LOVE this. You say in your current news post that you dislike bullshitting meaning, but I easily see potential for some very poignant messages in this self-portrait. I know age shouldn't matter when it comes to art, but I can't believe you're only 15! You have an extremely unique sense of design and color that I really envy. I hope you continue this trend of psychedelic themes as you become an even better artist--your work is so refreshing!! Other than "practice, practice," the only criticism I have for you is to be mindful of composition. It seems we share the tendency to center the focal point in most pieces, but that method gets old fast. You're already experimenting with design and color, so take that sense to as many levels as you can. Push yourself!

Rutger responds:

Ah thank you man!
Yeah, I'm experimenting with new stuff now, still gotta work on giving actual meanings to art, but oh well, it will come. (:

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