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Dress up Game Cute Baby Dress up Game Cute Baby

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Suficiente para NG?

Definitivamente, es lindo--los graficos son mejores que la mayoria de los juegos de este tipo aqui, pero no estoy seguro si es el mejor para Newgrounds. Si estan unas ninas en este sitio (...??? jajaja), ellas va a encantar. Bien hecho, en mi opinion, pero en los opiniones de otros...? No se.

(Lo siento para mi espanol malo, jaja.)

heglys responds:

(I don't know how to reply in spanish, but I understood the message)

Thank you, I know it's too "girly" and for liitle childrens game, but I like to publish here, as I saw other dress up games here too.

Sandwich Cooking Game Sandwich Cooking Game

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Very cute little game

Not too bad, really. The graphics are so adorable! :D My only suggestion would be to fix the glitches, instead of just mentioning them in the instructions and hoping the player will avoid it. *~* If you accidentally, say, put a "bowl of raw eggs" onto the frying pan, that ingredient is lost forever in the current game, basically messing up many future sandwiches...but other than that, this is a very cute, simple game.

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Devil's Triad Devil's Triad

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Cool

It was a neat game with a refreshing, though not nearly complicated enough plot. The graphics of the girls are wonderful as well (especially the vampire). Also, the ending battle wasn't hard! I'm not sure what some of these reviewers are talking about, but defeating Satan was like a walk in the park. :] Anyways. Good game...maybe a sequel with a thicker storyline would do even better!